Wanguo moon phase profit and loss show and the perfect combination of timing function

Da Vinci calendar uk replica watches for the first time will be clock and minute hand and moon phase profit and loss display integrated in a small dial, for this IWC watch the watchmaker to create a 89630 self-made movement. Silver or gold-plated small dial interpretation of Ying Yue, at the same time, dark blue circular display disk - that is, the Earth Shadow - rotation, gradually showing the moon phase loss. Platinum particles in the dark blue background against the background shine, so that small dial like clouds of the night sky. (Model: IW392101 / IW392103) is the first of the history of the Schwarhausen uk replica watches the 89000 series of movement chronograph and calendar function of the moon phase profit and loss show fusion in the "12 o'clock "Location small watch watch. This complex function through the small dial below the changing moon profit and loss show and the shadow of the earth to achieve the conversion. Together with the other three shows that this new feature in this 43 mm diameter large timepieces on the dial to form a harmonious whole. Da Vinci calendar watch has two models to choose from: 18K red gold and stainless steel. [2017 SIHH Geneva watch show] IWC Moon profit and loss show and the perfect integration of timing function Inspired by Ge Luo Si "Can not go beyond the master of the apprentice is poor" - this is Darwin had said to his master a word. When the IWC IWC engineers re-developed the perpetrators of the IWC watchmaker and inventor Kurt Klaus, they were guided by this introduction. Masters repeatedly consult the previous design drawings, that research and development 89630-type self-movement to get inspired. They encountered a challenge: usually used in the calendar of the 52610-type self-movement in the "12 o'clock" position to drive the moon phase profit and loss display. If the hourly and minute hands of the chronograph are also located here, the pointer will cross the moon phase profit and loss display panel from the middle. While the 89360 chronograph movement did not show room for profit and loss. Therefore, the engineers have designed a new movement - 89630-type self-movement. It will chronograph dual-time pointer and moon phase profit and loss display system combined with each other, and integrated in a small dial display. Balanced design with modern timepieces [2017 SIHH Geneva uk replica watches show] IWC Moon profit and loss show and the perfect integration of timing function Da Vinci calendar watch watch case diameter 43 mm, thickness 15.5 mm, eye-catching and harmonious. The crown and the two buttons are cylindrical in shape, unlike the rounds used in the 1985 Davenic calendar. Large lugs with removable features, the overall design more perfect coordination. Although the dial contains a lot of display, but still clear and concise. One of the reasons is that the designer for the "12 o'clock" position of the chronograph moon phase profit and loss show the accumulator selected a dark blue color. As a result, this part is clearly distinguished from the dial and the other three small dials. Small dial in the red gold style (model: IW392101) and stainless steel style (model: IW392103) were selected silver and rock gray color. Red gold watch case, lugs, crown and buttons with pure 18K red gold material. Dark brown Santoni crocodile leather strap with gold clasp fixed firmly in the wrist. In the stainless steel watch with the black crocodile leather strap, the rock gray timer has a rhodium edge, and the circular shape as an important design element is highlighted again. Through the transparent sapphire glass watch, the wearer can enjoy the embedded blue steel screws in the complex and delicate movement design, red gold pendulum and bridge board rich decorative pattern. Equipped with 68 hours power reserve 89630 self-made movement is clearly visible, and by the IWC IWC double pawl automatic winding system to provide energy. [2017 SIHH Geneva watch show] IWC Moon profit and loss show and the perfect integration of timing function Timing display of elegant solutions In the chronograph design, the watch designer is still no compromise: chronograph and minute hand integrated in the "12 o'clock" position of the small dial, the record time can be as easy as the second time to read. This is a more elegant solution than showing the cumulative timing on a separate accumulator. With the blue central chronograph can read the second, accurate to one eighth of a second. The chronograph has two buttons, which can be started, stopped and reset, and the pointer can be reset to zero (flyback function). Movement design makes the timing function can continue to run, not on the watch 68 hours of power reserve caused significant damage. Accurate and complex functions Extreme calendar extremely accurate: the moon phase profit and loss shows the actual profit and loss cycle with the moon every 577.5 years accumulated 1 day error. In the same color small dial in the "3", "6" and "9" clock positions, the calendar displays the date, month and week clockwise; the four-digit year is displayed in the lower left corner of the dial. The calendar uses mechanical programming, which has been taken into account in terms of the length of the month, and even the leap year. However, every 100 years (such as 2100, 2200, etc.) will be less a leap day, this time the watchmaker in March 1 on the calendar to manually adjust. In 2300, the current century display panels, which began with "20", "21" and "22", were to be replaced with a new century display panel for the period between 2300 and 2599. Da Vinci calendar calendar watch Model IW392101 · IW392103 [2017 SIHH Geneva watch show] IWC Moon profit and loss show and the perfect integration of timing function Technical characteristics Mechanical chronograph - calendar with date, week, month, four digits digital year and moon phase profit and loss display - hours, minutes and seconds of the timing function - 12 o'clock position to read the way to show the cumulative hours and minutes - Glucydur® * beryllium alloy balance balance wheel with fine trim screws on the balance wheel - 18K red gold pendulum - transparent sapphire glass watch bottom