Wanguo Vincent Tourbillon reverse chronograph watch

Da Vinci Tourbillon reverse chronograph watch name has reflected its innovative: this replica watches will be the classic Tourbillon, chronograph and reverse jump date on the combination of the dial. For the combination of these three functions, IWC IWC watchmaker to design a new 89900-type self-movement. [2017 SIHH Geneva watch show] Chronograph and Tourbillon encounter - Wanguo Vincent Tourbillon reverse chronograph watch 18K red gold section of the Vantage Tourbillon reverse chronograph swiss replica watches (model: IW393101) flying tourbillon make the whole watch stand out, people never forget. The complex function of the tourbillon frame is moved to the bottom of the watch, thus omitting the upper deck. In addition, this time also equipped with high-tech connotation of the tourbillon stop function, which can watch the accuracy of the seconds to set. When the crown is pulled out, the two levers are engaged with the outer edge of the balance wheel as a clamp, and thus the balance wheel, the wheel train system and the pointer mechanism are paused. Thanks to the new geometry of the fork and escapement wheel and the diamond shell technology applied, the 68-hour power reserve, which was initially full of chains, was able to be maintained despite the additional complexity of the watch. The fork and escapement wheel is made of diamond-coated silicon material, and its particularly hard surface has good sliding performance, which reduces friction and resistance, thereby helping to maintain the initial power reserve. The chronograph function is set at the top of the "12 o'clock" position and the measurement time in 11 hours and 59 minutes can be read as if it were a normal time. With the central second hand to read the measured time, accurate to a quarter of a second. Reverse jump date brings a unique feeling of time In addition to chronograph and tourbillon, the third complex function is located on the left side of the dial in the reverse jump date display. The date pointer is advanced in the arc from the first day of the month to the 31st day and jumps back to the starting point at the end of the end, thereby displaying the current date. In less than 31 days of the month or when the watch is not used for a long time, you can quickly push through the crown and set the date. Compared with the classic date window, this kind of pointer display can bring different feelings for the wearer. [2017 SIHH Geneva watch show] Chronograph and Tourbillon encounter - Wanguo Vincent Tourbillon reverse chronograph watch Balanced design highlights harmonious appearance Da Vinci Tourbillon reverse jump chronograph replica watches noble gold gold case with gold button and lugs to watch the appearance of introverted symmetry. Thanks to the mobile lugs, equipped with 18K red gold folding clasp dark brown Santoni crocodile leather strap can be perfectly attached to the wrist. Three complex functions in the silver dial on the arrangement of harmony, chronograph function set at "12 o'clock" position, follow the IWC IWC consistent layout features. This watch waterproofing up to 3 bar, 44 mm in diameter, 17 mm in thickness, through the transparent sapphire glass bottom, the wearer can enjoy the new 89900 self-made movement of the delicate movement design and pure red gold pendulum Tuo. Da Vinci Tourbillon reverse chronograph watch Model IW393101 [2017 SIHH Geneva watch show] Chronograph and Tourbillon encounter - Wanguo Wenshui Tourbillon reverse chronograph watch Technical characteristics Mechanical chronograph movement - Self winding - 89900 Self-made movement (89000 type movement series) - Reverse jump date display - Flight minute Tourbillon stop device set at 6 o'clock position - Hours, minutes and seconds Timing function - 12 o'clock position shows the cumulative hours and minutes in reading mode - flyback function - Glucydur® * beryllium alloy balance wheel, swing arm configuration high precision fine adjustment cam - 18K red gold pendulum